A video art sculpture by Joe Cornelius.

Poster for "Wired"

“Blah blah blah” Is what I see and hear when I turn on the news nowadays.  “Wired” is a satire on today’s journalism especially in mainstream and prime-time television news.  The newscasters are wired to read what’s on the teleprompter, and we’re wired to concur with them.

They are only concerned about the ratings. Good ratings means there’s a high desire to advertise on their news show.  The higher the desire the more money they make.  They report tragic news to draw people in, tragedy is what most people consider newsworthy.  People tend to not like the reality that we live in, so of course the news will report some cheerful trivial news to keep a nice balance of fear and comfort to drive to maintain their ratings.

Some journalists will do anything to get a good story, check this out:  Cash For Coverage: The Dark Side of Journalism


I presented the art sculpture “Wired” in the WakeTV studios at Wake Forest University.  It was an interesting place to host the show, because it’s a place where students are learning to be future journalists.  I thought that notion helped add to the satire of it all.

Facebook Event Page

Photo Gallery

Plans and Sketches

45 angle view Wired Sketch for Wired2

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