Growing up, we had a video camera in the household, I would pick up the video camera and film things.  I filmed documentaries about my pets, my family members, and even my room.  It was then I started to realize the love that I had for cinema and the power that it possess.

I make films because it is fulfilling to achieve a vision inside my head and see it come to fruition on film.  It is rewarding to voice your opinion and share a vision with an audience.  Films allows me to speak in volumes about myself and the world that we share.  The most rewarding thing about sharing my films with an audience is making viewers feel something, hopefully feel something that they have never felt before.

When I search for a topic or subject for a film, I am not just looking for a good story. I am looking for a story that the audience can relate to; one that allows me to elaborate on my own terms and really drive the message home.  In my work, I consider honesty as one of the most important traits.  Honesty will always win over your audience.  Bells and whistles are nice sometimes, but a good story with a dose of honesty will always triumph.  In my work, you would commonly find a theme of hope.  I especially love finding hope in a place you would not expect to find.

Currently, I’m working on a film about a blind man named Yimi who escaped from Cuba by tearing down his home for materials to build a raft and sail to America.  I’m exploring the transformation that Yimi experienced that led him to make such a big decision to demolish his home and strive for freedom in America.  I believe everyone goes through a major transformation in her or his life; seeing a transformation within characters is so important in films.  When the audience sees this film, they will see glimpses of themselves and find inspiration to be better people.