Teaching Philosophy

I am a fourth-generation educator.  My great-grandfather taught in a one-room school in the blue hills of Kentucky.  My grandfather was a substitute teacher on a regular basis, teaching everything from agriculture to mathematics.  My father was a high school teacher who taught students with special needs.  It was because of my father that I fell in love with teaching.

I remember going to the high school with my dad one day when I was out of school for some forgotten reason.  With my feet barely touching the the floor, I sat in my dad’s chair at his desk and observed. By watching my dad teach, I discovered that everyone learns at a different pace, and I also found that some people may learn better from unconventional teaching methods.

My dad had an unique ability as a teacher; he could identify obstacles that prevented students from learning efficiently.  He could sometimes remove those obstacles or direct students in a new path that would lead them to the same destination.  His students were able to recognize his skills as a teacher, they adored him, and they were eager to learn more from him.

From the outset, I want to establish a rapport with my students.  I want students to see humanity on my face.  Humanity is such a powerful element in this world, the very reason we strive to learn.  Humanity has cured diseases and placed people on the moon. Films that have a strong sense of humanity are the ones that we go back to, the ones we want to watch over and over.  A strong sense of humanity instilled in students by example creates a remarkable and inspiring student body.

I realize that the classroom environment is intimidating for some students.   Students who have had negative experiences in the classroom might walk into mine with a preconceived notion of how things are going to go for them.  As an educator, I will make my classroom a place where making mistakes are not a reason for embarrassment, I will do my best to make my classroom a safe environment where learning is nurtured and a forum for all.

In my classroom, I will endeavor to instill distinction into the students and myself.  I will challenge the students, interact with them by engaging in discussion, and more importantly be a mentor to them.  My students will be will be well equipped with a working knowledge of theory, skills, and the proper mindset to be applied in the world of filmmaking.

My experiences as a dedicated art student and scholar make me confident that I possess the passion that is key to success in the educational field.  I have genuinely enjoyed my experience as a student and will remain a lifelong learner.  Nothing would make me happier than being able to share the knowledge that I have gathered.